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I’ve been down the Ladbrokes and yet again they have omitted all the really short teams form their Acca Insurance coupon.
So I’m left with only the Paddypower in shop Acca Insurance coupon to attack, but it is a good one.
Some of these are already on other bets so moderate your stakes accordingly, that said I think the World Cup Qualifiers are a goldmine for favourite backers, they don’t come often so I’ll be trying to take full advantage. Of course we could lose but my stakes are in line with the amount of value I see.

I’m gonna do two separate Accas with Paddys, both on thier “WEEKEND SUPER COUPON”, one finishing Saturday, one Sunday so that should get round the “one free bet per customer per day” terms.
Earliest one of these kicks off at 19:45 this evening, so you’ve until then to get to a shop and place them.

Hungary @ 1/10
Belgium @ 1/8
Portugal @ 1/10
France @ 8/11
Slovakia @ 8/11
£20 Acca (combined odds of about 4.07)

Belgium @ 1/8
Portugal @ 1/10
Poland @ 1/2
Georgia @ 29/20
Spain @ 1/6
£20 Acca (combined odds about 5.30)

Now that will end up meaning we’ve a total of £50 on Belgium all in with the online bets, so if you’re at all uncomfortable with that reduce stakes.
But these are my stakes.
Prices could get reduced at the counter but hopefully not too much.

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