How to make an extra £200, £300 or even £400 per month,
placing extremely low-risk bets that will take you only 5 mins a day...

My Name is Paul Ruffy and you could say I’m fairly experienced when it comes to low-risk betting. 

I’ve spent the best part of two decades helping others to make low-risk betting profits - I’ve never had anything but winning years. 

Since 2015 football betting has taken centre stage, and I’ve made over £18000 in documented profit from bookmakers (mainly targetting promotions, special prices and concessions) which I’ve shared with my members here at 

I call this “Advantage Play Betting.”

Low Risk Betting with a Quantifiable Edge

The only way to beat the bookmaker and make consistent tax-free profits, month on month, year on year, is to bet with the odds on your side - this means the house edge is YOUR edge.

You see in my career as both a punter and a tipster, I've tried just about every approach to betting....
 Tips and systems covering: niche markets, in-play systems, correct score systems, laying systems, singles systems, over/under systems, you name it! 

Most are a lot of work for very little profit – if any.

After nearly two decades of betting and testing - I focus on what are hands down the easiest and quickest ways to generate betting profits.

I take advantage of bookmakers' generosity - and I only bet when there’s a QUANTIFIABLE edge.

What this does is turn betting from a risky proposition into something more akin to investing - with long-term profit assured. 

2023/24 Season + £1684

2023/24 Was another successful year of steady, low-risk betting profits.


My NINTH straight year of profiting with this approach.

I'd love to have you on board this coming season - So if you'd like to join me please read all of this page before taking up one my membership options.

Here is what I do and how it can help you:

So what I do is every day (well nearly everyday, we all need holidays!) I will go through the days betting offers, enhanced prices and concessions, and share with you what bets I think are worth making.

If there’s football or other big sporting events on that day (most days there is) I’ll be looking at all the available promotions and offers.
These may be enhanced prices, bet and get offers or refund offers or the like.
Frankly there's lots of chaff -  but I am only interested in those that offer value and do not waste time on those that I am not placing personally myself. 

Once I’ve penned all my bets I share them with all my members via a daily blog post, usually at lunchtime but sometimes later if there are evening matches.
I also send everything out in a daily email.

Members then copy my bets and make a profit - it really is that simple!

Euro 2024 Countdown!


You missed out!

International Tournaments like the Euros and World Cup provide great opporunties for us.


During the last World Cup I added £392.72 to the profit pot!

Join up now to follow all my Euro 2024 advice.

Isn't this just matched betting? 

You see the big matched betting sites are all about zero risk profits, they cannot show people what I do - firstly because technically it's not risk-free - we do have losing periods.
Secondly, I’m sharing my exact bets with only a limited number of people, this wont affect the prices or rock the boat with bookies.
AND... frankly a lot of what I do - identifying favourable markets, finding value, avoiding poor bets, only comes from experience.

So although we’re using positive EV betting strategies, I’m making it very easy by giving you the exact bets to make, rather than just the software or guidelines to find them and then leaving you to your devices.

Here are some of our successes …

  • Simple to follow. I provide you with my exact bets every week in an email and on a member’s only blog.
  • Action in around 5 minutes a day
  • Start with minimal betting bank. (£200-£400+ recommended)
  • Very Low Risk. Very often your stake isn't even at risk because of the concessions or terms of the bet!
  • Small Stakes. Most bets I place are between £1 - £20.
  • Use in conjunction with a Matched Betting site membership or without.
  • Multiple bets: doubles, trebles that won't get you immediately gubbed.

But what about bookmaker restrictions?

Ok, let's not ignore the elephant in the room. “Gubbings”, or having restrictions placed on your accounts are all part and parcel of being a successful punter. 
I’m not going to tell you this isn’t an issue.
But the fact that over a decade on, I’m still making thousands of pounds out of these methods shows that this is definitely viable, even for people that have lost a good number of accounts in the past.

Who is this for? 

I want to help you make a quick decision on this and I also don’t want to be wasting your time or my own, so I want to be clear this is for you if:

  • If you based in the UK or IRE, enjoy watching and betting on football and other sports, and are able to bet with a wide range of bookies. 
  • If you're familiar with Smarkets or Betfair and you can put aside at least £300 to bet with.
  • If you're comfortable with £5 to £10 stakes and can accept that we won't win with every bet.
  • You want a low risk, high reward, easy way to make a profit from betting.

This probably isn't for you if:

  • You’re based outside of the UK/IRE and can’t access UK bookmakers.
  •  You’re looking for "one thing" to replace your regular income. 
  • You don’t have at least a basic understanding of betting odds.
  • Your accounts are already heavilly restricted with most bookmakers.

What you'll get from your membership

Daily Action Email

  • Emailed to you every day will be the bets and offers I think are worth doing that day, along with my exact plays.
  • *This should take you no longer than about 10 mins to action.*

Members only Blog

  • Instant access to the days best routes to profit. 
  • Everything in the daily emails posted here plus any other relevant information.

Downloads Area

  • Simple Profit Tracker spreadsheet record your profits by bookie/bet/category.
  • Bonus Guides and updates Free of Charge

FAQ's: Advantage Play Bets

Do I need access to a matched betting site?

I already have a matched betting site membership, is this worthwhile?

What type of Bets do you recommend?

What type of offers do you focus on

When will you advise the bets?

Is there any risk involved?

What Bookmaker Accounts will I need?

Will this get my accounts gubbed? (Bonus banned)


RACING POST SPORT Tipsters - Ultimate Guide

After collating nearly 5 years worth of data I am finally able to share this inside look at the some of the UKs most prominent (and profitable!) football betting experts. 

  • What Accas are showing a profit of 23% ROI over 4 years!
  • Which tipsters make long term profit on both their Accas AND their singles.
  • What bets to avoid & Columns to swerve
  • The Tipster with a 13% ROI with singles since 2021
  • Ideal low-risk options for free bets and “fake mug bets”
  • Exact strategy that would have made £1059.10 profit last season.
Quarterly membership

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  • £22/month
  • Follow my exact bets
  • Daily action email every morning
  • Average Profit £208 per month from Advantage Play Bets
  • Access to Secure Members Area
  • Profit Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Free Bonus ebook
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Full Support:  If you’re unsure of anything to do with the bets, or betting in general - you’ll be able to contact me by email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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What members say about MatchdayProfits...

You run a different and unique service, I am more than happy with it...

Steve Poxon

You run a different and unique service, I am more than happy with it, and it's nice that someone doesn't actually push up their price the minute a couple of winners have been tipped. I like the reasoning behind your selections.


Paul George

I'm impressed, just wish that I'd taken the full year deal at the beginning of the season.

I enjoy following an Acca or 2 over the weekend and with a young family it saves me the time looking in to bets myself. Oh, and profitable too.

Absolutely spot on service


Paul's service is absolutely spot on, as described, he's very friendly and very quick to help and answer any questions you may have.

If you're already familiar with adding bonus value to your offers, but have no real knowledge or interest in Football itself, then having the confidence to take a small risk with a reliable researcher/tipster to hand, then MDP is it!


As Subscription to MatchdayProfits is a digital product and cannot be returned, we do not offer a money back guarantee period (this does not affect your statutory rights). Please make sure you understand this before signing up. Please read the FAQ section and if you have any queries regarding the service please contact me before you order as I will be happy to assist.  

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*Actual results may vary - No Guarantee of specific results can be given.
 - all results recorded and proofed by SBC / everybet documented in members only spreadsheet within members area

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