How to get a return on 57% of your football accumulators, and how you can make
£1000-£2000+ from small stakes and "fun" bets!

Do you often feel that the bookmakers, tipsters, or even that your favourite team are "doing you over" when it comes to your football bets?

Well you're about to discover a ridiculously easy way to make £100's of profit from football betting with very modest stakes and minimal risk.

Who Am I? And why should you listen?
My name's Paul Ruffy and I've been helping people make money from their betting since 2006.
As a professional horse racing tipster I made a profit every year for 9 years.
I've recently started profiting from football too and sharing my advice to an appreciative audience.

In my career both a punter and a tipster I've tried just about every approach to football betting. Tips and systems covering: niche markets, in-play systems, correct score systems, laying systems, singles systems, over/under systems, you name it! All seemed a lot of work for very little profit – if any.

A little while back I decided to take a concerted look at what I enjoyed watching... The Premier League.
I was looking for: Correct score bets, Half-time bets, Goal scorer bets, Handicap bets, In-play angles…
Anything that shouted “value” to me.

What I found was that although it is possible to come out on top using the standard principles of Statistical analysis,  Price Analysis and Form Analysis.
On top of this there was one thing that I had to do that would prove to be the “secret sauce” to my success.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…First lets look at whats happening in the world of football betting..

The Football Betting BOOM 

Online football betting in the UK is in the middle of an unprecedented boom…Take a look at the growth:

In 2010 the reported (UK Online Football Betting Turnover) was £4.1 Billion which increased had increased to £7.8 Billion by 2013 and is now estimated much higher still.

This boom has sparked a frenzy in the bookmaking industry as they are DESPERATE to get their share of this betting bonanza.
Now as an informed punter, I know I don’t need to tell you that the majority of punters are losing money.

So with this growth the bookmakers are literally falling over themselves in a rush to get more of these “losing” punters on their sites. How are they doing this?

They are going out on a limb to not only offer you the best odds and range of markets - but the best concessions – often CRAZY concessions.
Concessions that its virtually impossible to lose with, provided you know what you are doing.
(Hint: Most punters do not!)

The "Secret Sauce"

So back to that secret sauce.

The one thing that I did that would super-charge my football betting was to make full use of the bookmaker specials, enhanced prices and concessions. 
Now this sounds simple enough, but I will warn you up front -

Bookies can be sneaky cretins.

If you've bet on football at all over the last year or so you'll no doubt have seen many bookmaker promotions, offers, prices, specials and concessions all designed to tempt you to bet with them, and they may seem fairly interesting and inoffensive.
There is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on in the war to get your business and what you’ll find is that most of the offers represent no significant value to the punter whatsoever, are not worthy of your attention, and certainly not your hard earned.

One of the better concessions involves accumulator bets –That’s how I've got a return on 57% of my accumulator bets over the last three seasons.
You see a number of bookmakers will give you your money back if one selection lets you down.
So whilst I've managed to do very well and win 20% of my accumulators, another 37% of my bets had one losing selection, which ordinarily would mean they were losers, yet thanks to this concession - I got money back.

That’s all well and just using this one angle, could serve you well. But like I said the bookmakers smoke n mirrors can mean that you easily fall into the traps they lay out to snare punters - and therefore finding the right bets to place with the right firms requires considerable time, discipline and knowledge.

Over the last 3 years I've not only found where and when to find the best bookmaker specials, enhanced prices and concessions. But I've also developed a unique “targeted” set of strategies and techniques to maximise profits from each and every one.

Now I know you may see a lot of offers and some of them are ALL hype. I hate hype as much as you. But in more than a decade of betting profitably, this is hands down the easiest and quickest way I've found to generate football betting profits. It is THAT powerful.
On top of that - it is certainly the most fun!

Over the past seasons I've banked easy profits of £2302 £1227 and £1830, all betting to just modest stakes, in a sustainable manner with just modest stakes of between £2 and £20.

Here's some examples of the small stakes winning bets you'll be making when you join Matchdayprofits:

Not every bet is a winner of course, but by betting only at value prices and taking advantage of range of  bookmaker specials, enhanced prices and concessions.  alongside  real Statistical Analysis and Form I'm able to make a significant additional income, remembering of course that this is all TAX-FREE.

But look lets not get carried away; I'm making no "income guarantees".
What I am offering is the chance for average punters using modest stakes, to accumulate decent profits betting alongside me, as I target these “easy” profits week in week out.

So here’s what I’m proposing...

A membership to Matchdayprofits that will provide you with
full access to my personal football bets.

Why am I so sure that you will profit if you “copy” my bets?
Because I've built a football betting approach based on three rock solid pillars: 

Enhanced bets.
At Enhanced terms or enhanced price.
Often "no lose" situations!

Fixed odds:
Value Bets.
Stand-out value prices based on statistical analysis and form.

Opportunist bets.
Using the exchange markets to hedge bets.

All of this adds up to taking VALUE prices and an overall LOW RISK and sensible approach to football betting.
I’ll share this approach IN FULL so all you’ll need to do is follow my handful of bets each weekend.

Key points to help you make a quick decision on this>>

  •  Simple to follow. I provide you with my exact bets every week in an email and on a member’s only blog.
  • Small Stakes. Most bets I place are between £1 - £20.
  •  Very Low Risk. Very often your stake isn't even at risk because of the concessions or terms of the bet!

Now there are already a lot of people signed up based on my previous success  and I expect that many more will want to be part of this genuine opportunity to profit.
But this season I will only be allowing a maximum of 100 people to join me on this.

I'm basically doing this service for fun, and I can’t really handle many more people that that, nor do I want to too many people making the same bets which could upset some bookmakers!

Paces will be sold in a first come first served basis.

How much?
Right now I'm offering a full season, 12 months pass for just £127.
(That's only £2.44 a week!)

The last two seasons we've more than covered this investment with just one ante-post bet alone and made lots, lots more on top.

So why such a low price?
Well look I'm doing this anyway, literally for fun -and I want it to be fun for everyone else too without the need to worry about initial outlay or recouping it by staking too high.

Is this for you?

This is for you if..

  • You're based in the UK or Ireland.
  • You enjoy watching/betting on football.
  • You can bet with most UK bookmakers without account restrictions.
  • You're happy to open accounts with bookmakers if you don't already have accounts.
  • Are able to place bets in the hours before Kick Off, for example Saturday mornings.
  • You like following Accumulators.

Might not be for you if..

  • You're based outside the UK and don't have access to UK bookmakers.
  • You're looking for something to make you wealthy.
  • You're restricted with most UK bookmakers (See Q & A below).
  • You only ever use one bookmaker and wont change.

I hope its obvious what a great opportunity this is, but if you’re still on the fence –

Sign up today and trial my service risk-free for 90 days, if you are not 100% convinced that the service is for you, for whatever reason - I’ll happily and promptly refund your membership fee in full, no questions asked.

I can gladly offer you this “100% piece of mind guarantee” because I know that the strategies and selections I advise will easily cover your subscription cost AND make you a whole lot more!

You've really nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Countdown to Kickoff!
Season Pass offer expires when the Premier League kicks off  

Limited offer


As I said, there's a maximum of 100 spaces this year, however these are being taken daily and the offer will close once the Premier League kicks off on Saturday 11th August at 3pm.
So Act now and start benefiting from my highly profitable and exciting service,  click the signup button below, and I look forward to welcoming you on board!
If there’s a “Let Me In” button below then there ARE still spaces available.
Click That now to secure your place.


Sign up today and trial my service risk-free for 90 days, if you are not 100% convinced that the service is for you, for whatever reason - I’ll happily and promptly refund your membership fee/s in full, no questions asked. 

Your Questions Answered:

What do you bet on?

What type of bets?

When will you advise the bets?

What Stakes do you advise?

What Bookmaker Accounts will I need?

Is this time consuming?

How much money do I need?

How many bets?

How can I trust you?

Can I do everything on my Smartphone?

Does it matter where I'm based?

Is this matched betting?

See what others are saying about Matchdayprofits:

You run a different and unique service, I am more than happy with it...

Steve Poxon

You run a different and unique service, I am more than happy with it, and it's nice that someone doesn't actually push up their price the minute a couple of winners have been tipped. I like the reasoning behind your selections.


Paul George

I'm impressed, just wish that I'd taken the full year deal at the beginning of the season.

I enjoy following an Acca or 2 over the weekend and with a young family it saves me the time looking in to bets myself. Oh, and profitable too.

Absolutely spot on service


Paul's service is absolutely spot on, as described, he's very friendly and very quick to help and answer any questions you may have.

If you're already familiar with adding bonus value to your offers, but have no real knowledge or interest in Football itself, then having the confidence to take a small risk with a reliable researcher/tipster to hand, then MDP is it!

"Over the last week, Paul's advice has netted his subscribers almost £200..."

I've been logging the results of MDP for three weeks now and I'm finding it really easy and profitable to follow. This simple system from Paul Ruffy exploits the endless stream of free bets offered by bookies to keep your business and Paul spots the opportunities and works all your qualifying & cash out bets for you. These are low stakes bets that won't get your accounts compromised as you're neither arbing nor bonus bagging, but merely using the regular weekly promos on offer. Over the last week, Paul's advice has netted his subscribers almost £200 at a £1 per point stake...

CHRIS WORRALL Review Managing Editor

"I have made a profit of £1475.."

"Following my retirement ten years ago I have subscribed to many tipping services.
What I have never experienced before with any other service, is every month being a winning month since I joined Matchdayprofits in November 2015.
I only concentrate on your accumulator bets, but with my own staking plan, I have made a profit of £1475.
I have already signed up to another twelve months and look forward to more of the same.
Many thanks..."

Mr b - a satisfied member!

Independently reviewed:

Claim Your Risk Free Annual Pass!

You are covered by my 90-day - no questions asked -100%  Money Back Guarantee!

Perhaps the best way I can describe this is to say its like going from betting with your own money and having not much chance of winning, to betting with the bookies money and standing an excellent chance of winning! If that sounds interesting I urge you to get on board today.

I look forward to helping you make some easy profits on the next match day.  

P.S.: The online football betting world really is BOOMING. Make sure you claim your share of this "bookmakers betting bonanza" by taking advantage of this offer right now to avoid missing out.